How can counselling help me?


It helps to talk to someone impartial in a confidential setting, to explore the difficulties you are experiencing.  In regular sessions, you can look at aspects of your life with someone who will not judge you or give advice.  Strong bottled up feelings of grief and anxiety can become very intense, and being able to express those feelings can help alleviate the stress they cause.


Sometimes, unhelpful patterns learnt in childhood are being repeated again and again.  Insight into this can be gained through counselling and these patterns can be shifted.  This allows us to make he necessary changes in our lives and helps us to move forward and be happier ourselves.  Often coping strategies are needed to enable us to deal with certain feelings such as stress, anxiety and worrying.


You will usually have sessions every week or every fortnight on the same day and at the same time (this can be decided at the Assessment).

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